Vitamins in toasted oatmeal bread


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The following table lists the amount of vitamins in toasted oatmeal bread:

Vitamin C0.3 mgVitamin B120.02 μg
Thiamin0.347 mgVitamin A5 μg
Riboflavin0.235 mgRetinol5 μg
Niacin3.068 mgAlpha-carotene0 μg
Pantothenic acid0.241 mgBeta-carotene0 μg
Vitamin B60.067 mgBeta-cryptoxanthin0 μg
Folate, total53 μgVitamin E0.53 mg
Folic acid32 μgVitamin D0 μg
Choline, total16 mgVitamin K1.7 μg

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