Amino acids in minced ham


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The following table lists the amount of amino acids in minced ham:

Aspartic acid1.5 gPhenylalanine0.641 g
Leucine1.258 gTyrosine0.536 g
Glutamic acid2.338 gGlycine0.883 g
Lysine1.364 gThreonine0.734 g
Alanine0.948 gHydroxyproline0 g
Methionine0.456 gTryptophan0.156 g
Arginine1.023 gHistidine0.604 g
Proline0.713 gValine0.747 g
Cystine0.19 gIsoleucine0.7 g
Serine0.677 g

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